Roy B Wilkins


Art by Roy B Wilkins

Approaching the canvas with a quiet mind, Roy B Wilkins is an instinctive painter who allows the creative process to take control of the direction his work moves in. A largely self taught artist, he often seeks motivation from the music he listens to as he paints. His works are emotional landscapes in a spontaneous abstract expressionist style. They resonate with energy as he experiments with different media and techniques.

Shows & Events

Upcoming Show: The History: An Incidental Exhibition June 17th

June 17th, 6pm-9pm, 206 Wellington Street, Collingwood Owners and co founders of THE HISTORY, Mary Warnest and Rex Doesburg, have made 206 Wellington Street, in the gritty cultural heartland of Collingwood, home to their new showroom and gallery. A collection of art works by Thomas Bucich, Roy B Wilkins, Matt[…]

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