Roy B Wilkins



About Roy B Wilkins

Roy Wilkins is an abstract expressionist artist based in Melbourne Australia. He creates large scale mixed media paintings on canvas.

Roy is largely self-taught with a lifelong passion for art and art history and encouraging others to share the joy of creating art. Roy’s paintings are a result of extensive experimentation with a range of mediums including acrylics, ink, salt and spray paint, and styles including drawing, collage, and stenciling.

His work comprises layers of patterns, shapes, lines, and colour, which are reworked and relayered until Roy is finally satisfied with the results.
Roy’s motivation for painting comes from feelings and reactions to music stimuli, usually electronic music. The resulting images are emotional landscapes created in a spontaneous abstract expressionist style.

Roy draws much of his inspiration from tribal masks and other abstract iconography and the works of are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Albert Tucker, and Jean De Buffet.
On arrival in Melbourne from London in 1999, Roy worked at the Heide Art Gallery preparing the gallery for exhibitions. During this time he was privileged to view Albert Tucker’s collection, which inspired him to dedicate his life to painting.


2015: Tacit Contemporary Art Frankenstein’s Mojo
2015: Ministry of Art, Melbourne
2012: Tacit Contemporary Art 3 2 Be One
2011: Collingwood Gallery, Melbourne
2010: Tacit Contemporary Art Emo Expressionism
2010: Bar Open, Melbourne
2009: Chapel on Station Gallery, Melbourne


2015: Canterbury Art Exhibition
2015: 19 KAREN, Gold Coast
2014: CamART, Melbourne
2013: Camberwell Rotary Art Show
2013: Canterbury Art Exhibition
2012: Camberwell Rotary Art Show
2011: Canterbury Art Exhibition
2011: Robert McCubbin Art Show
2010: Tacit Contemporary Art (with Donna Malone)
2010: Hurstbridge Gallery, Melbourne
2010: Robert McCubbin Art Show
2009: No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
2009: Hurstbridge Gallery, Melbourne
2009: Robert McCubbin Art Show